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What’s Ailing You? Do You Want To Be Healed? LoveFirst Coast Sunday Message

Anger, anxiety, suspicion, fear, depression…  There is so much of that right now! But none of that captures the life for which we were created.  There is an alternative!  What would that life look like?  Is it available to us?  … Continue reading

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Life Saving Relationship Skills

Next worship gathering – Saturday, Jan 14 @ Faith Community Church @ 6:30pm (3450 CR210, 32259) Connecting with people can save your life.   This week, I heard a conversation on public radio highlighting one of the many  studies that show … Continue reading

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Heeding this could save your church, ministry, or group.

“Many well intentioned followers of Jesus think that forgiving comes in the form of ignoring. “Pretend it didn’t happen,” they’ll say.  Or, “They probably didn’t mean it.”  This is simply a cheap way of excusing someone’s bad behavior.  And while … Continue reading

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