Is This You?

Does this describe you?

You’ve been following Jesus, and now you find yourself longing more and more deeply for God’s kingdom to come and God’s will to be done here as it is in heaven.

You are having hopes and dreams for God’s people. Maybe you are even having visions of your city, community, or school changing, of peace breaking out, of reconciliation, of provision for those in need, of people coming to faith! It is as if your holy imagination has been stirred! If so, you are sensing God’s invitation to be a part of God’s activity in the world. You are being invited into God’s work to see love extended, hearts restored, relationships healed, mercy on display, justice unfolding, and people walking humbly with God!

You are hearing God’s call to be a part of God’s mission, not passively, but intentionally!

Does that resonate?

If so, we are here to help! We don’t have much by the world’s standards, but what we have we’d be happy to share. We can pray for you. We can help you discern what God’s calling you into and maybe even connect you with others on a similar path. We can pass on what we’ve been learning. We can encourage you. We can “spur you on to love and good deeds.” (Hebrews 10:24-25)

This thing God’s inviting you into. It’s important! And if there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s hard to stay on mission in isolation. So don’t be. God didn’t intend that for you anyway.

It’s for people like you: that’s one reason we’re here.  We are a small church of people who encourage one another while doing life on mission.  (You don’t have to leave your church. One of our values is blessing churches, and many of us are involved in other churches, too.) We invite, encourage, and equip one another for life on mission. Our focus is the First Coast of Florida.  And we are delighted to pass on what we’ve been learning. 

Here is a step you can take now to get started. Leave a comment below and we’ll start praying for you. Take some time and keep praying. Explore this web-site. Send an email or text to one of our pastors: Jesse Alexander (904-599-2889 – or Sara Taber (904-422-7968 We’ll try to follow up!

2 Responses to Is This You?

  1. Kim Harriss says:

    Hello, I was fortunate to hear Pastor Alexander speak @ First Presbyterian Church yesterday and learn about your Christian community. I would like to know more!

    Thank you,
    Kim Harriss


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