Because God first loved us… (I John 4:19)

We are here to help people like you thrive on mission.

Do you want to be a part of what God is doing? God has a mission and invites people into it. If you are a follower Jesus, God has something he wants to do in you and through you wherever you find yourself. Not sure? Click here to learn more about the invitation from Jesus to life on mission.

Are you living on mission? Be encouraged. We like to share what we’ve been learning. Find weekly messages and blog posts created for people who are living life on mission. Also, we’d love to pray for you and with you.

Are you looking for resources? We’re not experts, but we would be happy to pass on to you what we’ve been learning. Click here and you’ll find tools for discipleship, ideas for mission, and ideas for forming community. We also offer conversational coaching.

1 Response to Because God first loved us… (I John 4:19)

  1. Samuel Geisser says:

    Hi, my name is Sam Geisser. My wife and I are part of a small mission all community here in Bozeman, MT. We have felt called to ‘go’ for sometime now and Florida has been on our hearts. I came across your page (which is packed with good stuff by the way) and I was wondering which part of the state you’re located in? Thanks for doing what you do to live out the kingdom intentionally!


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