We strongly emphasize the priesthood of all believers.  We believe every follower of Jesus is given a new identity, adopted into the royal family of God, recreated in Christ for good works which God has in mind for us, and called to representing Jesus in the world as a royal priesthood.  And God invites people into leadership.

Nicholl Bernath helps steward the mission of LoveFirst Coast an elder.  She takes part in evangelistic outreaches with Iron Sharpens Iron and helps out with Young Life as a volunteer and serving on the local Young Life Board.  Nicholl and her husband Robby host special meetings and gatherings for prayer and healing at the barn on their family farm.  During the day, Nicholl works in sales in waste management.

Kent Wehmeier also serves as a steward as an elder.  He and his wife Kris Wehmeier brings wisdom, prayer, and insight to our meetings.  During the day, they both engage in the work of prayer and healing in their work (Kent is an endocrinologist and Kris is a nurse helping kids and their parents manage allergies).  They worship regularly at Faith Community Church, and host meals, parties, and fellowship gatherings in their home.

Andrew Conrad also offers guidance as an elder.  With his wife, Norma, they host and lead a weekly Bible study in their home and build relationships with neighbors for the purpose of extending blessing.  Norma is a realtor and Andrew is in retired, but both share a passion for healthy living and operate a business aimed at helping people financially.  Together, they host many gatherings for family, friends, neighbors, and LoveFirst Coast.  Most Sunday mornings, you can find them at Mission Way church in Jacksonville.

Cathy Durham keeps us in line as our secretary.  During the day, she applies her  administrative gifts.  When she’s not keeping notes to keep us on track, she leads and writes for an email prayer ministry that brings encouragement and insight to many friends and co-workers who follow Jesus.

Sara Taber is one of the pastors walking with LoveFirst Coast.  She and her husband, Brandon, with hearts shaped by years of youth and children’s ministry experience, discerned God’s call to step out of church based ministry in order to live life on mission.  Their efforts are focused in their neighborhood and along County Road 210.  As entrepreneurs desiring to serve Christ and build connections in the community, they started Top Down Shaved Ice.   Most weekends, you will find them at parties and community events.  Sara is an ordained pastor in the Nazarene Church.  In addition to missonal work, she provides leadership to the children’s ministry at First Nazarene in St. Augustine and holds Bible studies (currently on Zoom) with young teen girls and elementary aged boys.  Brandon still invests in young men who were once a part of his youth group.

Jesse Alexander is also one of the pastors walking with LoveFirst Coast.  He and his wife Heather engage in a variety of missional activity in the city and (prior to Covid) regularly hosted gatherings in their home.  Jesse’s background and training are Presbyterian and he is currently ordained as a teaching elder in the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians.  His faith was profoundly shaped by the work of Young Life, years of church based Youth Ministry, mission trips, and 20 years of pastoral ministry.  He brings a passion for discipleship and mission, preaches most weeks on-line, and meets with groups, couples, and individuals for discipleship.  He fills pulpits by request.  During the day, he works as a structural engineer.  Many Sundays, you can find them worshiping at Mandarin Presbyterian Church.

2 Responses to Leadership

  1. Albert Lawrence says:

    Jesse – I am a member at FPC. Thank you for your sermon this morning. Would you please either email me the portion of your benediction that you gave prior to the one from Numbers or provide me the reference?

    Albert Lawrence


    • Pastor Jesse says:

      Hi Albert,

      The benediction I gave yesterday is a modified version of the “Halverson Benediction”, named for Dick Halverson who wrote it and used it for many years. I learned about it from Stan Ott, who leads the Acts 16:5 Initiative. I started using it a number of years ago. It captures the sense of being sent and also brings a reminder of redemption to difficult circumstances. Thanks for asking about it.

      It usually goes something like this.

      “You go no where by accident. Wherever you go, God is sending you. Wherever you are, God has a purpose for your being there. Christ, who lives in you by the power of the Holy Spirit, has something he desires to do in you and through you wherever you find yourself. I encourage you to believe this, and go in His grace, strength, and power.”


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