Discipleship is the main thing at LoveFirst Coast.  Jesus commissioned his disciples to make disciples (Matthew 28:16-20).  But what is a disciple and what does it meant to make a disciple?

We like Dallas Willard’s explanation.  A disciple is someone who learns from Jesus how to live like Jesus.  The first disciples learned directly from Jesus.  They imitated his life and in so doing they were living like Jesus.  Then they passed on what they received.  For example, Jesus showed Peter how to live.  Peter showed Barnabas. Barnabas showed Paul.  Paul showed Timothy and Titus.  The way Jesus made disciples was to encourage life-on-life imitation.  Our approach to discipleship is similar.

Our approach is relationship and tool based, not curriculum based.  We will be developing and updating this portion of our web site as a resource for the tools.

We like to give credit where credit is due.  All of the tools either came directly from other sources or came from other sources combined.   The page on each tool provides information about the source or sources.  The instructions for each tool give insights to how we use them in our context  (in and around Jacksonville, Florida).  These are brief explanations.  The original resources will provide more complete information.  We encourage you to support those ministries!


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