“What If I Already Have a Church?”

LFC Banner 2019But what if I’m already in a church?  We find that people with church homes are interested in discipleship and missional living.  It turns out that living out the faith is in fact life-giving.  And yes, you can be in one of our missional communities and maintain your connection to another church.  We are very okay with that.  We love the local churches and believe that people who are committed to discipleship and missional living bring a lot to their local church.  Most people on the LoveFirst Coast journey worship regularly in other area churches.   But life-on-life discipleship, engaging in community and mission requires time, energy and commitment.  To really benefit, we believe that people need to be in a discipleship group and participate in mission for at least one year. People who try to be fully involved and committed in a program oriented church AND be fully involved in a missional community will probably grow weary, burn out, and miss out.

If you want to try MC life and stay in a church, we recommend you honor your commitments, keep supporting your church financially, and plan on attending worship there most Sundays.  BUT cut back on your church involvement for a year and dive deeply into a missional community.  You will have a great deal to offer your church when you return.

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