“Can I Just Help?”

What if I know I can’t participate but I’d like to help. Can I do that? Absolutely.  And you’ll be a part of a great tradition.  People supported Jesus in his ministry by lending their homes, providing finances, and hosting meals.  Many were pulled into the Jesus movement later. If it were not for people like that supporting us with their time, talent, prayers and financial gifts, we could not keep operating.  We consider those who support in that way to be partners in ministry.

Three ways you can help:

1) Pray – We believe only God can do this, and we believe prayer releases the resources of heaven to advance God’s work on earth. What we are called to do is so much bigger than us.  Please pray for us and for a movement of mission and discipleship on the First Coast!

2)  Give – to people in need on the First Coast or wherever God stirs up your heart to give.  Use what the Lord has entrusted to you to bless people where you are.  If you aren’t sure how do so, then yes, you can give to LoveFirst Coast.  If you’d like to entrust donations to us,  click here  further instruction on how to give.  (All gifts are tax-deductible.)

3) Serve with your talent where you are.

If you have any questions about ways you could help, please contact Jesse Alexander at 904-599-2889, or at pastorjessealexander@gmail.com.

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