From The Pastor

Vacation 2013

Alexander Family Feast

Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Jesse Alexander, a child of God and a disciple of Jesus Christ, a husband, a father, a brother, church planter, engineer, and bi-vocational- pastor – which means I have a full time engineering job and serve the church as a pastor on evenings and weekends.

But more importantly, I love God.  I love my family.  My wife Heather is amazing.  She’s my best friend.  My kids are good friends for each other – unique, beautiful, and each gifted in their own way.  We see ourselves as a family on mission.  That means we recognize that God is at work around us and has invited us to take join him in what he is doing.

We have our struggles.  We have to work at our marriage.   Parenting isn’t easy.  We have to manage the tensions brought on by life, work, and school.  Talking about the budget can be stressful.   Heather and I wonder how well we’re passing on the faith to our kids.  We stumble.  We make mistakes.  We don’t have all the answers.  But we find comfort in this: our kids watch us do our best to trust God, love each other, and follow Jesus.  Some one once told me that the best way to pass faith on to kids is for parents to do their best to follow Jesus with their kids.   We’re trying to do that.

Me and Heather

Jesse and Heather Alexander

We really enjoy Florida’s First Coast.   Historians tell us that Christianity was first introduced to North America about thirty-five miles from our house when the Spaniards started a mission in St. Augustine.  In the shadow of that legacy, we are working and praying to establish a network of missional communities (micro-churches) for a movement of discipleship on the First Coast with prayerful action.  This is so much bigger than us!  We believe this is something only God can do.

And we’d love company on the journey.  Want to come along?  Call me at 904-599-2889 – or send an email to or stop by one of our gatherings.  We meet for worship one Saturday a month at Faith Community Church on CR210.  For information about our next gathering, check here.


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