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Why I Started This Church.

One day, a woman came to see me to seek some help from her pastor.  After a few minutes, she made a request.  “I’ve been attending some of Heather’s Bible Studies, and it’s been really good.”  (That sounded like a … Continue reading

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Ask It! The Haunting/Clarifying Discipleship Question

There’s a question than haunts me and drives me in ministry. “If all the Christians in the world were killed and none were left but those in your church, would they be equipped to start the Christian movement all over … Continue reading

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A Simple Way To Boost Church Planting

The other day at Starbucks, I bumped into Jeremy.  He’s preparing for ministry in college with an eye toward church planting.   He’s a the son of a two church planting co-pastors.  He’s got incredible gifts for leadership.  He’s majoring in Religious Studies and plans to … Continue reading

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Missional Living Micro Post

Of the twelve best know apostles, eleven were killed and the one who survived (John) suffered. Yet each would have said confidently, soberly, that Jesus protected them. Either they were all crazy fools (but they didn’t live or write like … Continue reading

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Bless Three People This Week – Super Short Blog

This is a season when people are very open to being blessed.  You may be tempted to  forgo the effort to bless others – afterall, people are giving and receiving gifts, telling others “Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Happy Chanukah/Seasons Greetings”, holding doors, … Continue reading

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This Week at Embraced By Grace

Embraced by Grace is a worship and teaching ministry of First Coast Missional Communities. This Saturday night at Embraced by Grace, we’ll be looking at the life of Joseph as we study what it means to be a citizen in God’s … Continue reading

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Huge Baby Steps

So, last week some of the people I am working with decided to do something on their own. This is very exciting.  You may not think it’s all that much after you read it.  You may think it’s a little thing.  If you … Continue reading

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To Live a Questionable Life

Francis of Assisi is often quoted as saying, “Preach the Gospel at all times.  Use words only when necessary.”   He didn’t actually put it that way, but according to his biographers, he probably would have agreed.  Francis lived the … Continue reading

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