Start by watching this video.

What does it mean to be missional?  What forms community?  Take two minutes and thirty seconds.  Watch this video called Missional Community Simple by Jeff McGuire.  Let it give you something to think about.

I don’t know what it does for you, but watching this video makes it so clear.  If what you see here makes sense, we may be the kind of church for you.

We are a church for missional communities.  First, we are missional.  Simply put, we believe God has a mission in the world and invites us to be a part of it.  What a privilege!  So we are more about going to where God is at work than about getting people to show up at our events. So, if  you are in a group of good friends, we would not want to pull you out of that group to be in one of our groups.  Rather, we would want to equip to you as you stay where you are.  We would want to equip you to bring Christ into that community.

Second, we emphasize forming extended family size communities (15 to 50 people) for this mission because we believe people should serve God alongside people they know and love like family.  There’s nothing better than serving God with people you know well and love  deeply.  Our missional communities (MCs) are like being in a part of an extended family on mission.

We emphasize getting people involved in MCs more than anything else – even Sunday worship.  And that makes us a little different from many churches.  Don’t read this wrong: we believe worship services are important.  And we bring all the MCs together once a month for worship.  But we believe  a better way for people to learn the way of Jesus is by “living life like Jesus” in a highly participatory missional community.  By that, we mean doing life with others reaching “Up” to encounter God through Christ, reaching “In” to experience Christ in community, and reaching “Out” to express Christ aw we meet needs in the world with God’s love and grace.

Do these ideas stir your imagination?  Learn more by exploring this web site.  Or get in touch using the contact form below.  Or stop by one of our worship service to learn more.  Thanks!  


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