What is it like?

Good Friday Sunrise 057

Fellowship of Believers MC on Good Friday

A missional community – It’s like being with an extended on a mission together.  A missional community gathering sometimes feels like a dinner party with a purpose – like thanksgiving with friends and family.

When we were in our mid-twenties, my wife and I worked closely with a half-dozen adults  alongside  a couple dozen more to build a youth ministry.   As the youth ministry grew, others joined us.   All of us were simply trying to know and follow Jesus while we worked to help youth know and follow Jesus.  As we worked together, we became like a family on a mission.  Many of those people are still a part of our lives.   And it was a rewarding, fruitful season of ministry.  God worked through us to help several hundred youth experience His love and grace.  Many of those youth serve Christ around the world today.

That was twenty years ago.  God touched us deeply during that season.  We didn’t know it, but we were experiencing providentially much of what we aim for in missional communities.

Something wonderful happens when you work alongside a couple dozen people aiming for the same purpose.   When a group like that stays focused, it can accomplish a lot.  And you know you belong and so does everyone else there.   Many experience this kind of community on sports teams, in service clubs, or through communities built around hobbies.  We think it is what many people inside and outside of churches hunger for.  It’s called “Community”.  It’s a big part of what we do.  (And the food is always great!)

dillard house

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