LoveFirst Coast Calendar and Updates

Worship Gathering Sunday, March 8 6-8:30 at the Alexander house (320 S. Buck Board Dr.)  We’ll be looking at obstacles to the experience of God’s grace in our life.  Hope you can join us.

We’ll be talking about obstacles to grace.  LoveFirst Coast is about encouraging and equipping people who are living life on mission and inviting others into that life.  We try to serve that purpose in all we do.  If you are living life on mission and there is a way we can support you, please let us know!

Gathering Opportunities – These are designed to encourage and equip people to live life on mission.  

  • Sunday March 8 – Dinner and Worship Gathering – 6-8pm – at the Alexanders 320-S. Buck Board Dr, 32259
  • Saturday March 14 – Unity Day Party 11am-3pm – at Davis Pond Park 875 Davis Pond Blvd, 32259
  • Wednesday March 18 – LFC Gathering for the Annual Meeting – at Norma and Andrews 10715 Michael Edward Ct.  32257
  • Sunday March 22 – Dinner and Worship w/ Young Life Leaders –  6:30-9pm – watch for more info.
  • Friday April 10 – Good Friday Sunrise Gathering at Mickler’s Landing – at Sunrise
  • Sunday April 13 – Easter – Want to host a worship gathering in your neighborhood?

Threshold Crossers – Events help you grow deeper.  There are two coming up!

  • Women’s Great Banquet – March 26-29
  • Mens’ Great Banquet – April 16-19

Spiritual Growth and Discipleship groups are gatherings on Wednesday nights and Thursday lunch.

Mission Opportunities – There’s no such thing as an unsent Christian – and there’s no such thing as a Christian sent alone.  

  • w/ Young Lives (Teen Moms, Teen Dads, and Babies) – see Lee or Rita
  • w/ Grieving Families -see Norma
  • at/ the Gables – see Brandon and Sara
  • at/ Carter Hall – See Norma or Andrew
  • at/ St. Johns Preserve – See Kent or Kris
  • w/ Young Life – see Jesse, Tom, or Nicholl
  • w/ Outreach Events (Like Unity Day) – see Nicholl or Jesse

What’s Been Happening?

Learning at the Underground Open:  It’s been said that if you want your people to catch the fire, take them where it’s burning.  What does that look like?  How about 200+ micro-churches (aka missional communities) involving some 6000 people engaged in wide-ranging mission across the Tampa Bay?   So nine of us traveled there to learn from the Tampa Underground at an event called the Underground Open.  Through inspiring worship, challenging teaching, and break-out sessions. we learned a good deal about mission by learning about the work of artists.

  • God’s an artist and we’re created in his image!
  • Mission is like art in this: You gotta start.
  • Mission is like art in this: Expect the first efforts not to be impressive.
  • Mission is like art in this: Expect to fail.  But don’t stop.
  • Mission is like art in this: Keep at it. You’ll get better.
  • Mission is like art in this: Beautiful things will unfold.

There were many, many lessons and takeaways from the weekend.  Too many to mention tonight.  But if you are a church leader with a missional mindset, learn what you can about what God is doing in the Tampa Underground.


Retreat: The retreat was pretty amazing!  Our focus this year was on the presence of Christ.  The Lord brought us together and into a time of sweet fellowship around his table!  Of course, Jesus is present with us always, and we looked into God’s Word and considered how we are strengthened, shaped, and led into mission by him when we spend time at the Lord’s Table, in dinner fellowship, and as we go forth in mission.   The Lord who has promised, “I will not leave you or forsake you,”  keeps his word!


Retreat 2020

About Pastor Jesse

I am someone loved by Jesus - a disciple, husband, father, pastor, and engineer. God has a mission and invites us into it. I want to do my part to encourage and equip people for life on that mission!
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