The Kingdom Is in Your Midst – FCMC Update

1) To some people who were missing the point, Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is in your midst…” (Luke 17:21).  We don’t want to miss the point.  God is at work all around us.  God’s Kingdom is growing in our hearts and in the hearts of people we encounter.  It is a privilege to be a part of what God is doing and to get an occasional glimpse of God’s Kingdom – and that’s a great reason to celebrate!

We got a glimpse at our last worship gathering when we were reminded of the amazing ways that God works through Young Life camps.   Jordan Simpson brought Crissy (now a junior leader) and Lexi (a camper) to share some of their experiences from camp.   About 37 teen moms from Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Orlando got on a bus and traveled together with their babies and Young Lives Leaders to Carolina Point for a week of great food, over-the-top fun, and warm fellowship.  (The child care workers were already there to meet them when they arrived.)  While their babies were loved and cared for, the moms were able to spend lots of time with one another and their leaders, and were able to hear the gospel presented clearly.  A number of said “yes” to Jesus, and others are considering how to respond to God’s invitation.
We have been able to witness young moms (and their babies) being changed, being drawn into God’s work, and growing in their faith.  That is a privilege!
At our service, we commissioned some volunteers to serve with Young Lives again this year.  We’ll get started on September 12.  And we’re hoping to be a part of connecting with some young dads this fall.
2) Upcoming Gatherings – New Rhythm
Saturday, September 10: Worship gathering at 6:30 in the St. Johns Room at FCC.
Saturday September 24: Game Night at the Wehmeiers (probably 6:30).
Saturday October 8: Worship gathering at 6:30 in the St. Johns Room
Saturday October 25: Prayer Service at Nichols Barn (probably 6:30).
3) Weekly Huddles.  Email if you want more info.
Weds 12:15am Lunch Huddle @ Hurricane Grille on 210
Weds  7:00pm Evening Huddle @ at the Weigriffes
Sunday Morning: Email for info.
4) Annual Retreat at the ECO Lodge in Fargo, GA – February 18-19, 2017.  (There will be no charge to participate.  Email for info.)
5) Last thing: one of the great by-products of glimpsing God’s Kingdom work is that stirs up hope.  The Kingdom of God is indeed very near.   As Jesus warned in his day, the danger is not that the Kingdom won’t come.  The danger is that when it comes near, we won’t notice.  Let’s not miss out on what God is doing!

About Pastor Jesse

I am someone loved by Jesus - a disciple, husband, father, pastor, and engineer. God has a mission and invites us into it. I want to do my part to encourage and equip people for life on that mission!
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