Encouragement and FCMC News

Next Worship Gathering: August 13 at 6:30pm in the St. Johns Room at Faith Community Church, 3450 CR210 32259.
1.   You may have noticed that the news lately has been discouraging and frightening.  But I believe we have every reason to have hope – because we follow one who is much greater that the problems in this world. One night when Jesus’ disciples were discouraged and uncertain, Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33b)  Jesus makes all the difference and he invites us to follow him daily!  What a privilege we have to be a part of what God is doing in this world.  I believe that if we sit still, we will grow fearful.  But when we answer the invitation of Jesus to live the way he did and obediently move forward into this world as the Spirit leads, serving with God’s love and grace, we will find courage, hope, and life! Take heart!
2.  Pray for our Stewards.  We’re meeting tomorrow discerning next steps for FCMC. After our June meeting, we are feeling called to focus again on the calling placed on one of our missional communities, which is (and it’s kind of a play on words.)
The Fellowship of Believers MC is called to love and serve those who love and serve kids with the love of Jesus.  
It seems to us that God has blessed our work when we’ve worked in that direction.  Please pray for us.
3.  Summer is a slower time for FCMC on purpose.  We take time to breathe and rest from mission a bit.  You can read about it here.  But that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.  Here’s a partial list
  • Huddle Wednesday at 7:00. (The Wiegreffe’s this week)
  • Lunch Huddle Wednesdays at 12:15 Hurricane Grille on 210
  • Sunday Huddle at 9:00 am – call or email for info
  • Our Next Worship Gathering will be August 13 at 6:30 at the St. Johns Room at Faith Community Church (3450 CR 210, 32259
I am deeply grateful to be on mission in partnership with so many of you.  Pray for us!

About Pastor Jesse

I am someone loved by Jesus - a disciple, husband, father, pastor, and engineer. God has a mission and invites us into it. I want to do my part to encourage and equip people for life on that mission!
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