Get a Discipleship Mentor. Be a Discipleship Mentor.

Kind of a cool happenstance today.  I met with the Fellowship of Believers for a discipleship huddle.  (In discipleship huddles, we work on learning a set of tools for discipleship that we can use in our own lives and pass on to others.)  Well, we were meeting in a food court by Panera Bread when who should walk by but my mentor in this discipleship venture, Pastor Wayne Bauer.  

When I was learning about the 3dm discipleship tools, I figured out that I needed a mentor.  I needed an example to follow.  I needed someone who would invest in me so I could invest in others. And God led me to Wayne in a pretty astonishing way. (I’ll save that story for a blog post on answered prayers.)

Wayne was on his way to Nashville, TN with a group of youth from his church, Faith Community Church. I enjoyed introducing him to Andrew, Nap, Nicholl, Norma, and Tita.  What he’s been teaching me, I’ve been passing on to them.  He’d heard about them.  He’s prayed with me for them.  He has a connection to them because when I’ve had questions, problems, or challenges with discipleship, I’ve been able to turn to him for advice, prayer and encouragement.  In many respects, he has modeled for me what I am doing with them.

It was cool.  He walked up just as I was drawing out the Covenant Triangle, showing how it works with a the Learning Circle.  (These are two of the 3dm Life Shapes.  If you are a discipler, these are helpful tools.)   So I called out a hello to Wayne, held up the drawing, and said, “Hey, have you ever seen these before.”  We laughed.  I introduced the guy discipling me to the people I am discipling.  In one sense, he was being introduced to his “spiritual grand-children.”   His efforts have multiplied through me – and I am looking forward to the day when they multiply again.  

Do you know what happens if we keep this going?  Do you know what will happen if disciples keep making disciples?  The world becomes a different place on person at a time.  So thanks Wayne.  And I must say, I’m looking forward to seeing some “spiritual grand-children” of my own.


About Pastor Jesse

I am someone loved by Jesus - a disciple, husband, father, pastor, and engineer. God has a mission and invites us into it. I want to do my part to encourage and equip people for life on that mission!
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